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Hola and welcome to Aurora Virtual Services!


The woman pictured above is my great-grandmother, Aurora Milan. Aurora was a woman ahead of her time, and naming my business after her is one way I can honor her memory and influence on my life. Building Aurora Virtual Services is tributed to my great-grandmother's fierce spirit. 

Pursuing my passion for creativity and compassion for helping others led me to grow as a Virtual Assistant & Consultant. During my first official discovery call with a client, they asked me to describe what I do, and after taking a deep breath, I replied, "I help people build bridges as we cross them." Problem solving and persistence is a seed planted by my great-grandmother and has carried me through some of the most challenging and rewarding moments of my life. And I bring that same energy into every conversation and collaboration with each client.  


Before Aurora Virtual Services, I have held roles as an Administrative Manager, Marketing Assistant, Events Coordinator, and the beat goes on. When I wasn't working - I was writing, dancing, and participating in grassroots organizing. It wasn't until the pandemic hit that I began doing website design, administrative tasks, and more from home. Then one day, my first client wanted to refer my services to her friends but wasn't sure what to call me so she told them I was a Virtual Assistant. At that moment, I decided to embrace the title and embark on this virtual assistance journey.  

My years as a
Virtual Assistant & Consultant have helped me identify which collaborations and projects feel most in alignment with my purpose. My goal is for Aurora Virtual Services to cause a ripple effect. Starting with helping a client offer a service or product that positively affects people and communities - and so on. "Helping people, help people" is more than a tagline; it is a source of my motivation, persistence, and passion

I appreciate your time learning more about the purpose and inspiration behind Aurora Virtual Services.

Echa pa'lante!

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People say the nicest things...

Shana T.

Founder, Community Solstice

Writer & Consultant

"Jess Hurtado, Website & Admin Support Extraordinaire! It is my pleasure to recommend Jess as a person to hire for website development, administrative support, and a plethora of other roles and responsibilities that Jess is skilled at. Jess is awesome."

Image by Laura Olsen

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