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 Brand New Packages are NOW Available! 

Whether you are just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, each package is made to meet you where you're at and preps you for where you want to GROW. Check out the packages below and select the best one for you

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Holding Plant

Plotting Your Business
Starter Kit

Want to start your own biz but not sure where to start?

The Plotting Starter Kit is all about setting you up for success! We will establish a solid foundation that allows you to launch your biz in virtually no time! Plus your business will be primed for growth when you're ready for the next level. 

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Branch of Flowers

Business is Blooming
Strategy Package

Is business slowing down? Feel like you don't have enough time to serve clients AND run the day-to-day? Need a better system for attracting steady leads and more clients?

The Blooming Strategy Package contains tweaks, tips, and tricks to optimize your business and increase your reach to more people. Scaling isn't scary when you have a strong support system!

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Image by Avrielle Suleiman

Success Package

Have you hit a wall? Don't have time to add more clients which means you have a cap on your profits? 

Harvesting Success Package is about gathering your resources and services and implementing ways to maximize your business without burnout or losing authentic connections with your community. 

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More ways I can support you! 

Image by Nicole Wilcox

Consulting &
Business Management

Do you have an idea or current challenge and want to speak to an experienced and compassionate professional? I will be your sounding board and help you make a solid and sustainable plan. I provide space, accountability, and loving nudges toward the direction of your goals. 

Image by Debby Hudson

Operations & Administration

Day to day tasks draining your energy and time? I can help you get your time back and focus your energy on more important matters, like serving your clients. Together we will integrate, automate, and streamline your day-to-day.

Branding & Digital Design

Ready to launch your offering to the masses but need to design a digital presence? Need a digital transformation? Together we will bring your vision and message to life and ready for all the world to see.

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Need to grow your audience or client list? Want to scale your impact? We all know the power of Digital Marketing and how important it is but who has the time to figure out the when, the where, the me, I understand. Together we will amplify your message and expand your reach.

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I have an idea but then I get overwhelmed and I end up feeling discouraged..."


"I wear many the same time. But it's exhausting and I don't feel like I'm really getting anywhere.."


"I feel like I am always trying to put out fires but I'm burnt out..."


Copy of Copy of Unnamed Design (Logo) (1).png


My name is Jess and I have to ask...

1. What would it mean to have a supportive, compassionate, professional Consultant design a crystal clear road map to help you reach your goals? ​​


2. What could you do if you had a reliable, transparent, and efficient Virtual Assistant to help remove those roadblocks keeping you from your desired outcome? 

As a Consultant & Virtual AssistantI aim to get to the heart of the matter, remove roadblocks, and be in step with you as we work toward your goals. 

People say the nicest things...

Bonnie G.

   Your Doula for Grief

   RN and Grief Coach

   Jalisco, Mexico

Wow, working with Jessica is the equivalent to working with a Millennial Wisdom Woman. Jessica is more than a Virtual Assistant and consultant!  She is  the magical listener that you can  share your vision or goals with. She has great insight and brilliant ideas. Jessica’s work comes from the heart.  Jessica is so easy to work with. She’s prompt, efficient and professional. I am not computer savvy tho Jessica made me feel as if there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do on the computer. But, she was right there if I needed to hand off what I couldn’t or didn’t have time to do. Friendly, charming and intelligent. Truly up on the latest platforms and software. One wise bright light on the planet sharing her work with love and kindness. 


Image by Laura Olsen

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"You can do anything, but you can't do everything."

David Allen

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